Nils Clauson

San Francisco born, Atlanta raised, exploring the world at large: Nils’ excitement has always steered him. A co-founder at Wildly, Nils pulls on his backgrounds in broadcast television and community development. Recently removed from a global section of his life, he’s committing to invest in places that are unfamiliar and spark new appeal. He’s excited to pay homage to the beautiful people he encounters, the wild stories he shares, and the glorious experiences he embraces along the trail.


Curran Ferrey

Curran is an award-winning director from Boston, MA (no, he does not have the accent) and a co-founder at Wildly. Curran draws on a background in narrative documentary to bring a sense of emotional realness to the work - hoping to “cultivate a more active and empathetic interest in the people and places around us.” When the cameras are busy charging, you can find Curran jumping out of airplanes, getting his hands dirty in the backcountry, or pitching a tent under the stars.